A Better Water Plan

On December 12, 2018 the State Water Resources Control Board approved an update to the Bay-Delta Plan, which calls for large increases in water releases on the tributaries to the San Joaquin River, a major tributary to the Bay-Delta.

The updated plan addresses water quality issues affecting the ecosystem of the Bay-Delta system. That includes the Tuolumne River, which provides water via Hetch Hetchy Reservoir to Bay Area customers. The SFPUC has voiced concerns with the plan, as it would dramatically reduce the agency’s water supply, leaving it subject to significant rationing in droughts and more extreme weather conditions brought on by climate change.


While the State Water Board approved the Bay-Delta Plan, it specifically acknowledged the progress of SFPUC and its partners for restoration and management plans for the Tuolumne River. As part of a proposed voluntary agreement, the SFPUC and its partners have offered $76 million in funding for habitat restoration projects, such as creating more gravel areas for spawning beds and measures to reduce the effects of predation on young salmon.

The SFPUC has consistently stated that these types of voluntary agreements are the best path forward for the Bay-Delta Plan, as the settlements strike the right balance between environmental stewardship and water reliability.

  • Protects the water supply of more than 2.7 million Bay Area residents

  • Relies on proven scientific research

  • Offers robust solutions to improve the ecosystem of the Tuolumne River.


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